Zinedine Zidane pays tribute to Roma legend

Zinedine Zidane pays tribute to Roma legend

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane paid ultimate tribute to Roma Legend and Captain Francesco Totti.

Zidane, who shared rivalry with Francesco Totti on both club and international level, during Frenchman time in Italy with Juventus and came against each other in the Euros 2000 and 2006 World Cup finals between France and Italy, and Zidane revealed that he is the big fan of Italian and has huge respect for him.

Zidane pays tribute to Roma legend



While Zidane has has called for Real Madrid focus,for the rest of the season as they are facing decisive months , as far as their season is concerned with only winning Champions League will salvage their season.

“The obligation now is to win [on Tuesday], then we’ll think about the League,” he said at a Press conference ahead of Madrid’s Champions League last-16 second leg against Roma.

“I’m not thinking whether the season’s been good or bad. My concept is day to day and that’s what gives me strength.

Zidane pays tribute to Roma legend[MyAd]

“[On his system against Roma], the idea is to always have a lot of zip in attack.

“All we have to do is win the game, thinking only about that.

“Many people think it’ll be an easy game, but it won’t l be. We have to play well and win well.

“A tie is never won in the first leg, I repeat. I’ve been a player, so I know we can be eliminated if we don’t play well, that’s clear as water.

Zidane pays tribute to Roma legend“This is our most important game because it’s our next. It’s true that you want to experience games like this as a Coach.

I experienced it as a player and it’s difficult to explain what it feels like.

“[Francesco Totti] is experiencing a slightly difficult time, but I always thought he was a star.

“We have to enjoy what’s left of him on the pitch.”