WHAT?! Cristiano Ronaldo’s SON crashed a car? [Viral Video]

WHAT?! Cristiano Ronaldo’s SON crashed a car? [Viral Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest football stars on the planet. His riches knows no limits. He has a house worth 7.1 million pounds, and the most costly of autos arranged in his carport.

One car is absent from Cristiano Ronaldo carport. What’s more, Cristiano Ronaldo is asking his son about the missing car from his garage.

WHAT?! Ronaldo’s SON crashed a car? [Viral Video]


Video - Cristiano Ronaldo is asking his son about the missing car

What is most valuable to Ronaldo? His one and only son, which is his absolute favorite, Ronaldo jr. Here’s an interesting connection between the father and the child.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a sentimental father. And he has so far raised his tyke without the assistance of the natural mother of his child. He dislikes the big name fathers who leave their kids in the hands of a decent caretaker. And sometimes give at whatever time to their kids.

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But Ronaldo ensures that he makes something beyond the financial commitment to his tyke’s development. He has made it clear to the world that his greatest wealth is his child.

From messing around with his son to showing him to flawless his free kicks. From taking him to class to rehearsing with him in the rec center, Ronaldo does it all. Cristiano, Jnr. was seen watching out of the powerful vehicle, which can drive up to 217 mph, as his dad drove on around the Spanish city.

Video - Cristiano Ronaldo is asking his son about the missing car


A source revealed: “Ronaldo didn’t appear as though he had a care on the world. He adores his child and loves his cars so he was by all accounts upbeat to consolidate the two.”

For some time when Ronaldo was busy with his tournaments, Cristiano jr. was living with Ronaldo’s mother. And sometimes he was seen in the stadium to watch his father’s game.

Now the father-son duo has been reunited, and they are all smiles about the new members in their lives – Ronaldo’ baby twin boys. Recently, Ronaldo posted a picture on social media in which he held one of his newly born twins, while Cristiano jr. held the other one. The four Ronaldo boys in a single frame cut a pretty picture, and Ronaldo captioned this snap, “Blessed”.

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Indeed, blessed is the father who has such gorgeous boys to love and emulate him. So far, we have seen that Cristiano Ronaldo jr. has inherited the football genes from his father. Whether Ronaldo will be able to pass on his techniques, skills and tricks to his twins some day is yet to be seen!

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