[Video] How is Cristiano Ronaldo behind the scenes?

[Video] How is Cristiano Ronaldo behind the scenes?

Ronaldo’s personal life is open in front of the world. From his fatherhood to his romantic life to his family holidays, everything happens for the world to see.

Recently, Ronaldo has become the father of two lovely boys born to a surrogate, and Ronaldo posted an adorable picture of himself with the children. He then posted another lovely picture of himself and all three sons. Before his twins arrived, Ronaldo was known to be a doting father to his eldest son, Cristiano Ronaldo jr., who is at the moment seven years old.

The Real Madrid team was able to enjoy Spanish father’s day before presenting to the National Teams. A moment of affection with his family, away from the spotlight.

Almost all of them usually post pictures on social networks with their sons and daughters on a regular basis. Sharing with your followers you’re most intimate moments.

And among all of them, is the case of CR7. How is Cristiano Ronaldo behind the scenes? An athlete with more media coverage of the whole company, it is rare the day that the shirt 7 does not offer an image or a video next to his son, Cristiano Junior.

[Video] How is Cristiano Ronaldo behind the scenes?


How is Cristiano Ronaldo behind the scenes

He accompanies you to promotional events, football matches and advertising campaigns. Father and son are practically inseparable.

This was what CR7 himself confessed in his biographical document. Recognizing that the arrival of Cristiano Júnior in his life completely changed what he used to think. So you can see him participating in his education, his vacations, his first physical exercises … Of all his life, practically, despite the profession that requires much sacrifice and travel.

An image that contrasts radically with the fame that carries Cristiano Ronaldo off the pitch. A leader, generally of meringue fans, with a flashy personality, facing the pressure of the media, the rivals and the passionate ones day after day.

However, in his person life, Cristiano Ronaldo behind the scenes, he is a familiar and affectionate personal with the people that surround him. Especially with his child and especially on Father’s Day.

Cristiano Ronaldo netted 84 of his 366 goals during his time at Manchester United, while the rest have come in the colors of Real Madrid.

Also, Ronaldo and Di Stefano are the club’s leading all-time top scorers at home. Followed by Carlos Santilana (209), Raul Gonzalez (206), Ferenc Puskas (157) and Hugo Sanchez (128).

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