Video – How Cristiano Ronaldo worries about his teammates

Video – How Cristiano Ronaldo worries about his teammates

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in the world, and is noted for his aggressive attitude on the field. Yes, he is an intimidating presence on the football ground, for his opponent teams. He has the power to destroy players who dare to stand in his way. Off the field, he has quite a powerful presence, too. That’s why he does not take any nonsense from the reporters. The media, hence, has taken advantage of that, and portrayed him as a bad boy, aways.

Ronaldo is believed to be one of the most arrogant, rude people. In fact, it is even thought that he has no friend on the team and that he maintains nothing more than a formal, professional relationship with his teammates. Media makes him out to be the kind of person who is selfish, and does not care for the others.

But, while Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his arrogance and selfish behavior, he is, in fact, the kindest individual as he considerations his partners.

The video shows how Cristiano Ronaldo worries about his teammates. As he is constantly furious about his colleague’s injuries. He generally motivates his colleagues to perform well. It was found in a circumstance when Moutinho was hesitant to take a penalty in Euro 2016.

What’s more, Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted Moutinho by the touchline and quickly requesting that he take a penalty. “Hello, hello! Come take the penalty,” he told Moutinho.

Video – How Cristiano Ronaldo worries about his teammates


Video - How Cristiano Ronaldo worries about his teammates

“You hit them well. On the off chance that we lose, then **** it. Be strong, gone ahead! Be solid! You hit them well, gone ahead.”

Now, Moutinho appears to be hesitant however strolls on to the pitch in any case. His non-verbal communication recommends that his certainty level was low yet Cristiano Ronaldo then lets him know not to stress.

At last, Moutinho scored the goal to see Portugal win 5-3. The outcome saw Portugal achieve the semi-fianl without winning any of their recreations in normal time. And afterward, later they won the Euro 2016 title. The first flatware of their country’s history.

Also, some other time, like a match that had been charged as a conflict amongst Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. The couple traded words in the result of the amusement as the Portuguese hoped to encourage his Madrid colleague.


“I congratulated them on their run,” Cristiano Ronaldo stated, having grasped Gareth Bale after the shriek had blown. “They had an astonishing run. They were the sparkling star here, the disclosure team.”

“I wished them good fortunes and as for the rest I would rather not state.”