Video – Cristiano Ronaldo Teamwork and Unselfish Moments

Video – Cristiano Ronaldo Teamwork and Unselfish Moments

Ronaldo is the favourite target of the media and the haters. They find every excuse to call him rude and selfish. They love to pick and choose his moments of anger and aggression on the field, to portray that he is impolite. And, just because he wants to score goals and add to his personal list achievements, he is considered as selfish.


The question is, what player does not play for himself? Everyone does. Even in a team game like football, the athletes play to make sure that they come out at the top of the list of best performers every season. That does not mean that he is not a team player. In fact, Ronaldo’s presence greatly helps his team.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as one of the greatest footballers of all the time. He scored many goals and won various individual awards. Sometimes critics called him selfish as he want to score on his own.

But Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrates many times that he is a team player. And in the above video, the compilation of Cristiano Ronaldo teamwork in 2017. His assists and passes to his teammates.

In every season Cristiano Ronaldo had the top spot on the goal scoring charts. But in this season he scored only two goals and assisted 4 goals. The highest number of assists of his UEFA Champions League career.

Video – Cristiano Ronaldo Teamwork and Unselfish Moments


Video - Cristiano Ronaldo teamwork in 2017, Unselfish Moments

Cristiano Ronaldo has turned into a genius in the footballing world, and inside international popular culture. The Real Madrid forward has shown his incredible aptitude, pace and athletic capacities for well over 10 years.

Maybe the most great part is that at 32 years old, CR7 does not have all the signs of being backing off at any point in the near future. From amazing runs to crazy stride overs, Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning moves can be totally hypnotizing.

Developing with Sporting CP’s childhood framework in his local Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo was transferred to United in the late spring of 2003. His time at the theater of dreams was a fantastic achievement, gathering trophies. And scoring goals with some of Sir Alex Ferguson’s most skilled United sides.

Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009, where his presence level capacities keep on shining in the Spanish capital. On the international stage, he is the untouched pioneer in goals and appearances for the Portuguese national team.

In spite of injury in the final match against France, his leadership as captain guided A Selec√£o to transcendence at Euro 2016.

Enjoy Ronaldo’s teamwork and unselfish moments: