Now study cristiano ronaldo in University

Are you a die heart soccer freak? Are you one of those mad guys who spend most of the time either watching or playing soccer? And yes! last but not the least are you a Cristiano Ronaldo fan? If the answers to all these questions is positive then my today’s post is definitely quite interesting for all my readers. Today I will reveal a unique fact about Cristiano Ronaldo which will force you to fall in love with him even more and your craze will grow to a next level. I am sure that after listening to the news which I am about to break will not let you remain on your seats. You will be shouting like hell out of amusement.

study cristiano ronaldo

So how about going academic with this soccer god? You must still be confused about what I just said. I repeat once again:

How about spending a complete semester studying Cristiano Ronaldo?



Study Cristiano Ronaldo in University

Yes! This you read is right. The University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus is now offering an opportunity to its students where they can study Cristiano Ronaldo as a subject for one full semester. I mean WOW! This sounds pretty cool and amazing. This subject will be a part of the sociology course in which the students will get a chance to closely observe and study this legend player in full detail. This course will let people take a serious look at Ronaldo’s life and career and students can take him as a topic to study and understand the concept of global superstardom.

According to me this indeed a great initiative and many student will rush to register themselves for this course. Normally we have seen that when it come to various case studies people take it as a hectic activity and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Amalgamating this concept with the world famous celebrity yields more attention and dedication from the students’ end. This way they will enjoy their studies and will do it as their passion than a mere responsibility which is more of a burden to them.

 study "Cristiano Ronaldo" in university

In my opinion such trend should be adopted by other universities as well. This is quite a healthy idea and must be implemented. And why only with soccer you can try out other great legends as well who are the heroes in their own respective fields. This way we can always commemorate their services and generations will remember them for years to come.

So what are your views about this great news? Are you pretty excited to hear this? Share this with your friends and let us know their response on this.

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