Ronaldo’s Hot Photo Shoot with Ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk [Videos]

Ronaldo’s Hot Photo Shoot with Ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk

It has been established, time and again, that Ronaldo is the hottest player in the world of soccer at the moment. He is desired by everyone, and he sizzles every stage he walks on. be it on a billboard, appearing in a suit, or on the field, going shirtless to celebrate a win, Ronaldo is always hot in his every move.

Cristiano Ronaldo takes a snap in his CR7 underwear beside flowers!

And, he has had a remarkable saga of hot girlfriends. One such hot ex girlfriend of Ronaldo is Irina Shayk, whom he dated for quite a long time. They were often seen together, and one of the most sizzling gifts Ronaldo fans have received from their relationship is Ronaldo’s Hot Photo Shoot with Ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk!

Ronaldo’s Hot Photo Shoot with Ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk


Ronaldo's Hot Photo Shoot with Ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk

This shoot of Ronaldo’s with Shayk is possibly one of the hottest he has appeared in. He has also been seen going shirtless and setting fire in the hearts of the viewers many other times. The most recent of them is a photo shoot where he bares but in the most suggestive manner, and a few pics of the shoot have been found on Instagram.

While Ronaldo has a history of appearing in some of the most ridiculous ads, he has also been seen in some aesthetically done and sizzling hot commercials and photo shoots. And the shoot with Irina for Vogue Espana can definitely be counted among the good ones.

The oomph factor of this shoot is probably the fact that his partner in it, Irina, was romantically involved with him. Since their break up, Ronaldo has dated a number of women, the most recent being Georgina Rodriguez, who seems to have become quite an important part of his life, and is seen accompanying the player almost everywhere.

Ronaldo has dated several other women after Irina, and currently, he is going steady with Georgina Rodriguez, a young model cum dancer. And she definitely fits into Ronaldo’s ‘type’ of women, i.e. hot and beautiful. There are rumours already that Georgina is pregnant with Ronaldo’s child, whom they are expecting to arrive in October.

The pregnancy rumours have been denied by Ronaldo’s mother, but the couple has remained unavailable for comments. At the moment, Ronaldo is happy with his newly born twin boys. In an interview, Georgina had stated that she will help Ronaldo raise his children.

Here are the hottest snaps from Ronaldo’s Hot Photo Shoot with ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk: