Ronaldo set to marry Georgina Rodriguez? CR7’s Girlfriend drops Huge Hint!

Ronaldo set to marry Georgina Rodriguez? CR7’s Girlfriend drops Huge Hint!

Is marriage on the cards for Cristiano Ronaldo?

Well, that’s a new question to be raised about Cristiano Ronaldo. Usually, the most common questions are very different. Who is Ronaldo dating? Will Ronaldo retire at the end of this season? Will he return to Real Madrid? The questions about his personal and private life are several. The most recent have been regarding whether or not his current girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, is pregnant or not, and if Ronaldo will face jail time for tax evasion.

Ronaldo set to marry Georgina Rodriguez? CR7’s Girlfriend drops Huge Hint!


But the newest question to shake the world is about the player getting hitched. So, IS marriage on the cards for Cristiano Ronaldo? Is it his marriage that Ronaldo was hinting at by the “big news”?

Well, nothing can be said for sure, but, Georgina Rodriguez seemed to have dropped a big hint about their upcoming nuptials: Rodriguez, who is quite active on the image sharing app, Instagram, just let slip what is being considered as a step to her next step in life with the Portuguese player.

Georgina just followed a number of Instagram accounts belonging to wedding dress makers. And the eagle-eyed fans and followers did not find this activity something worth ignoring at all! Georgina, a former shop assistant at Prada, is now following some the most popular wedding dress accounts in Spain, like Vicky Martin Berrocal, Herve Moreau, and Pronovias.

The activity of Rodriguez is definitely enough to make those fans suspicious who are anyway rooting for the two to stick together. But, this seemed to be the biggest of the many other things that have happened or been speculated in the recent past – all of which have been considered as something big by these fans.

Only recently, Ronaldo posted on social media, “Big news coming soon!” While some think it is about the big news of transfer for 2017-18, many feel that it is about some new project he is taking up. However, some have jumped to the conclusion that it is about Ronaldo’s wedding, linking it to Rodriguez’s activity! Then there’s the big rumour, of course, that Rodriguez is pregnant.

Recently, she has been seen holidaying Ibiza with Ronaldo and his family, and she showed off a little bump in her belly, which is being rumoured as the early signs of her pregnancy. A source close to the player’s family said that the lady in the player’s life has herself confirmed that she is pregnant. It is believed that the couple is expecting its first child in October. Meanwhile, Rodrigue

Meanwhile, Rodriguez has also found a place in Ronaldo’s recent family picture, in which she is seen holding one of his newly born twins. She also mentioned earlier that she would help Ronaldo in raising his children. We have also seen that Ronaldo’s girlfriend and his eldest son share a wonderful relationship. So, perhaps, Ronaldo, the casanova of football world, has finally found the one.

The question is, when will Georgina make an honest man out of Cristiano Ronaldo?