Keylor Navas vs David de Gea – Battle for the best in the world

Keylor Navas vs David de Gea – Battle for the best in the world

Keylor Navas is turning into the legend of Real Madrid, they haven’t lost a match yet and they have just conceded three goals all season. That would lead some to say that they are a cautious team at the same time, truth be told, Navas is the goalkeeper that gets more shots on the focus of all the top European teams. He made 27 saves, four of them extraordinary against Celta Vigo, and he’s turned into the star of Real Madrid.

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Over the mid-year, it showed up a matter of when as opposed to if David De Gea arrives at the Estadio Santiago BernabĂ©u, with the Manchester United plug being lined up as the long haul trade for outbound Iker Casillas. Navas will have been setting himself up for the continuation of being a move down at Madrid, in spite of Casillas’ flight, before then being utilized as a part of a pawn in a section trade bargain as the Spaniards endeavored to pry De Gea far from Old Trafford.

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If we draw a correlation graph between Navas’ details from 2013-14, the last season he was a real No. 1, and De Gea’s 2014-15 details with United. The details support the Costa Rican. Both started 37 diversions. Navas arrived at the midpoint of more saves per game(4.3-2.5), a higher save rate (80.4 percent to 69.9 percent), all the more perfect sheets (16-10), more punches and more breadths. Obviously, he played for a woeful Levante side that very nearly transferred so he was clearly confronting more shots and compelled to make more saves. All things considered, he was the reason that Levante stayed in the first division the accompanying season. Without him, the group ceded.

Navas is an in number shot blocker with astounding reflexes and strong situating. De Gea is a comparative sort of goalie, however, has the upside of being taller and younger. While his details won’t match up with Navas’ in the correlation, he is five years more young and consequently has a higher window.