“It’s my dream to play for Madrid” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“It’s my dream to play for Madrid” – Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was constrained to participate Real Madrid’s two pre-season matches in the Audi Cup, nowadays, the Portuguese star has stayed in Madrid accommodating the best possible treatment and took the risk to additionally give a short interview to a Portuguese channel. Very few distinct points were drawn closer in this discussion, yet one of the most grounded justifications came in when Ronaldo said that he has no second thoughts on his choice of moving from Manchester United to Madrid and clench the test of playing for Real Madrid.

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Turning out to be Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer is actually going to be one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s major destinations this season. Being just 9 goals away of Raúl’s record of 323 goals, nobody questions it won’t be long before that legacy meets another star.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “Playing for Real Madrid has been one of my youth dreams. I never hid that. I recall having a few players I turned upward to, from Rui Costa to Luís Figo, Zidane or the Brazilian Ronaldo, yet Real Madrid was the club I officially envisioned about playing in sometime in the future”, exposed by Ronaldo.

Ronaldo: “I don’t weep having left England to come to Spain. I would like to still be a piece of Real Madrid’s achievement sooner rather than later, and, in addition, the Portuguese National Team. Personalities frequently let me know that I’m extremely close to coming to the same status that legends like Di Stéfano, Puskas and Raúl gifted in Madrid and that makes me massively pleased”, conceded the Portuguese expert.

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Ronaldo: “I don’t know in case I’m going to beat Real Madrid’s record-breaking top scorer record, yet I’m very much aware it isn’t so much that far now and I would be exceptionally glad on the off chance that I figure out how to finish it. Regardless of what and despite the fact that I’m not concealing that I’ll be seeking after that goals, my need is to help the team winning, however, many trophies as could be allowed“, expressed the Portuguese forward, who has officially scored 314 goals in 304 appearances for the Madrid side.

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In spite of having effectively won a large portion of the real trophies an expert footballer can try to on a club level, there’s one specifically Ronaldo still any expectations of having the opportunity to win one day.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “After such a large number of trophies in my vocation, despite everything I miss a Portuguese association title for Sporting. I don’t know whether it’s regularly going to happen on the grounds that the future has a place with God, yet in the event that it does turn into a reality, I’ll be excited about it”, stated the Real Madrid star.