HD Highlights & Report: Cristiano Ronaldo scored Five goals in Real Madrid Vs Espanyol La Liga clash

Cristiano Ronaldo scored Five goals in Real Madrid Vs Espanyol La Liga clash

On 12 September, 2015, Espanyol played host to Real Madrid for a nail-biting match in the La Liga. What followed was a match that picked up its pace early, and left the fans asking for more.

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3 min into the game, a chance was seen for Espanyol to have a great start, as Marcelo seemed too advanced, and Caicedo latched on to a through ball before showing Ramos a clean pair of heels. However, his effort went far off Navas’ post. Navas went on to make a great save, and Ronaldo fired a harmless shot from the other end, which went over the bar.

But the excitement peaked quickly, as Cristiano Ronaldo netted his first goal for the season, at the 7th min of the game.
By the time 10 mins had passed, Bale looked like being through on goal. But he was flagged offside. Ronaldo then split the host team’s defence with a brilliant backheel.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hat Trick
Real Madrid Vs Espanyol: Cristiano At His Full Swing

17 min into the match, and Benzema showed a clever ball, following which Gonzalez brought down Bale, resulting to a penalty to Real. And, this turned into a real gift for the guest team, as Ronaldo stuck the ball right in the corner, leading to another goal.
This was turning out to be the lucky day for Ronaldo. In the 19th min, he made his hat-trick as he scored the 3rd goal for his team. In the previous two goals, Bale’s exquisite cross helped in making the score, but the third one was all his.

23 min into the game and Casemiro went through Sevilla for a shortcut. He was lucky that the referee gave him the benefit of the doubt instead of a yellow card.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hat trick
Real Madrid Vs Espanyol: Ronaldo Celebrating his marvelous goals

Soon, Sevilla fired at the goal, but Navas saved it. There was another ruthless shot from areal which went off the bar. But ultimately, Karim Benzema succeeded scoring the fourth goal of the match for Real.
Even though it was almost evident that the match was over, none of the teams gave up and Real continued to be aggressive. The match continued on till the half time like this and St the end of the half time, the score board read Espanyol 0-4 Real Madrid.

Garthe Bale
Real Madrid Vs Espanyol: Gareth Bale working his way up to the Espanyol Defense

As the second half started, the prediction was that Espanyol would not be able to get back up. Carvajal wanted to get in on the act, but his shot flew wide off the near post.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth bale
Real Madrid Vs Espanyol: Cristiano Ronaldo defeating Espanyol’s Goalie

Bale delivered yet another fine ball, but Lopez collected before Ronaldo got the chance to tap home his fourth.  And he looked really frustrated. Because nothing is enough for the Portuguese soccer hero. And he did get what he wanted, as he scored Real’s 5th in the 62nd min as Espanyol’s defence tore further apart.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale
Real Madrid Vs Espanyol: Cristiano Celebrating his goal with Gareth Bale

The minutes rolled on, and Kovacic fouled Montanes. In the following minutes, Espanyol got a very close chance, but they could not make any change to the scoreboard. Before they could do anything to retrieve their respect even slightly, Real scored its 6th goal as Ronaldo netted the ball, and stood on the verge of his second hat trick.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hat Trick
Real Madrid Vs Espanyol: Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his wonderful performance with his team

The match was carried on with severe cruelty from Real, and soon, all 90 min came to a close, with no additional minutes added. The score card read Espanyol 0-6 Real Madrid at the end of the match, after the host team got thoroughly destroyed.