Gibson expressed his views about Benitez role as a new Coach

Gibson expressed his views about Benitez role as a new Coach

Benitez’s side is unbeaten in the first nine la liga games and are at the second spot of the table ahead of the match against Levante at the Bernabeu on Saturday.

Terry Gibson gives his point about the new Real Madrid boss about his charges in the latest podcast.

“He’s getting put through the mill big time. He was criticised so much for the game against Atletico.

Gibson demands the feedback in a few sections of the Spanish press for ‘negative strategies’ is to some degree out of line, and that Real Madrid ought to all be pulling the right bearing.

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“I questioned the substitution against Atletico Madrid, bringing Benzema off and Kovacic on at 1-0 up. It didn’t work and they conceded. But he did better than Ancelotti did at the Vicente Calderon.

“When you look at the reasons they haven’t scored goals, it’s not because they are negative. They’ve had the opportunities, they’ve had the chances, had the attempts on goal, but they’re not at their usual efficiency in front of goal. But that’s not his fault.

“I look at the press and think they’re ganging up on him. I’m amazed at the levels of criticism at him. They are picking up every little thing. They’re not changing their tune.

“I don’t know what they expect, who will be the next one? Why would they disrupt a season that hasn’t got going yet? It is constant.

“Real need to be pulling in the same direction. At the moment the impression I get from Real Madrid and the Madrid press is that is far from the case, and there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why they should be like that with Rafa Benitez at the moment.

“I was thinking: ‘that’s a good result’ at Atletico. They played well. It does seem to me they are getting their teeth into Rafa Benitez at the moment, and unfairly.”