Cristiano Ronaldo presents emotional Ballon d’Or acceptance speech!

Cristiano Ronaldo presents emotional Ballon d’Or acceptance speech!

As we as a whole was expected, Cristiano Ronaldo grabbed his fourth Ballon d’Or title on Monday night. It’s been an incredible year for the 31-year-old, having guided Real Madrid to another champion League triumph before taking radiance back to his local Portugal at Euro 2016.

The Ballon d’Or acceptance speech of Cristiano Ronaldo:


Having beaten off opponent Lionel Messi and Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann in the main three. Ronaldo topped off a fine year in style, and it’s difficult to state that he doesn’t merit it. And Cristiano Ronaldo presents emotional Ballon d’Or acceptance speech.

As he turns 32 in February, no one can deny that his physical ability isn’t what it once was. That speed is a stage slower. That lead doesn’t exactly achieve an indistinguishable range from it once did and the drive to do it all himself isn’t as all devouring any longer.

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However, that is precisely why he has won the honor this year – for transforming into the player that everyone trusted he would one day. A develop player.

Also, he rushed to perceive the endeavors of his club and nation colleagues. Cristiano Ronaldo presents emotional Ballon d’Or acceptance speech.


“Amazing privilege to get my fourth brilliant ball,” he said. “The feeling resembles the first, and it’s the envisioning work out. And I never thought in my psyche to win four circumstances the brilliant ball. So I’m so satisfied, I’m so upbeat.”

“I have the chance to thank every one of my colleagues in the national group, Real Madrid. Every one of the general population, every one of the players who helped me to win the individual honor, this individual trophy.”


“So as you can envision I feel so pleased and cheerful to get this astounding and delightful ball. I’m so upbeat.”

Courtesy, it’s decent to hear him feeling so passionate about it. Be that as it may, whether he has enough in the tank to coordinate Messi stays to be seen.

In any case, for the present he realizes that he has prevailing on the global stage where his Argentine partner has so far fizzled.