Cristiano Ronaldo picking up girls – An epic prank

Cristiano Ronaldo picking up girls – An epic prank

Life is not always fair. That is to state, just a handful of people have it everything one could ask for, from looks to money, from skill to diligence! While most of us have to compensate for our insufficiencies in different ways, there is lthere are very few people who are endowed with everything in life. And such people become the much-coveted celebrities. Speaking of celebrities, perhaps the most popular celebrity today is the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. It is safe to say that he is a lady killer.

Cristiano Ronaldo picking up girls – An epic prank



Fresh off his enormous pay day, rounding up a bewildering £17 million per year for the next five years with Real Madrid, one would say that Cristiano is at a stage where he can finally settle. And there’s no question about the fact that Ronaldo won’t have a lack of women ready to settle with him. The most important thing is that Ronaldo is a father, and is yet not married. What else is there for the 29-year-old to wrap up?

Well, the young heartthrob has had a series of women in his life, and he is currently with the gorgeous Georgina Rodriguez. Most recently, Ronaldo has become the father of twin boys, who were born when he was in Russia representing Portugal in the Confederations Cup.

After Portugal’s exit from the tournament, Ronaldo joined his family. At the moment, he is in the US, with his newly born babies, his eldest boy, his family, and his gorgeous Georgina Rodriguez. Ronaldo has been snapped several times enjoying his time with his girlfriend. Georgina, in fact, has been showing off a little bulge in her belly during this holiday.

It is assumed that this little bulge is nothing but a baby bump, and that Ronaldo is going to be a father once again, as the couple is expecting their first baby in October. Ronaldo’s mother has denied all rumours about her pregnancy before, but a close family friend has mentioned that the lady in Ronaldo’s life has herself has confirmed the news to Ronaldo’s family members.

Pregnant or not, Georgina is in Ronaldo’s life for a long time, it seems. She has even found a place in the player’s recent family portrait.

Yes, women want to be with him, and men want to be him. And, here’s a young man who tried to be Ronaldo to see if he could pick up women who would like to be with him! Take a look at this epic prank and its results!