Cristiano Ronaldo declared his money in Swiss banks!

Cristiano Ronaldo declared his money in Swiss banks!

Portuguese chief Cristiano Ronaldo declared his money of more than 225 million euros in 2015. Counting 20 million euros held in 22 Swiss financial balances. A Spanish daily paper reported Sunday as the Real Madrid star fights allegations of assessment avoidance.

The Portuguese worldwide earned 203.7 million euros outside of Spain. Also, 23.5 million inside the nation, as indicated by a duplicate of his 2015 expense form got by the everyday daily paper.

Cristiano Ronaldo declared his money in Swiss banks!


The figures coordinate the points of interest of the player’s salary distributed Thursday by the player’s administration organization Gestifute. Which contended they demonstrate Ronaldo was in consistence with Spain’s expense power.

However, El Mundo gave a more definite breakdown of his accounts.

It said Cristiano Ronaldo declared his money in Swiss banks. By far most, more than 17 million euros, in three records at Swiss private bank Mirabaud.

Whatever is left of his cash in the nation was held in 19 accounts in local Swiss Bank St. Galler Kantonalbank.



The player had only 33,452 euros in five financial balances in his local Portugal, the daily paper included.

Cristiano Ronaldo had 14 million euros put resources into 19 SICAVs. A speculation support like common assets, in Luxembourg, the daily paper included.

Whatever remains of his remote property was comprised of shares, bonds and land. Ronaldo’s accounts have been in the spotlight after a global consortium of media associations asserted recently.

That a tremendous information spill including 18 million archives demonstrated the player concealed 150 million euros from picture rights in the British Virgin Islands. Spanish tax powers are researching the assertions.


Cristiano Ronaldo, 31, denies wrongdoing. What’s more, said after Wednesday’s 2-2 draw with Borussia Dortmund that “he who owes nothing isn’t perplexed.”

The monetary points of interest discharged by his administration organization a week ago relate just to 2015. Furthermore, Spanish duty powers are allegedly concentrating on conceivable inconsistencies in his expense presentations as a non-occupant somewhere around 2011 and 2014.