CR7 Most Famous Brand of Portugal Worth Over 100M Euros

CR7 Most Famous Brand of Portugal Worth Over 100M Euros

CR7, the brand by Cristiano Ronaldo is worth over 100 million Euros, and is the most recognised brand of Portugal, according to recent research. In fact, it is now considered on par with port! Director of the IPAM (Portuguese Institute for Administration and Marketing), Daniel Sa, recently told AFP that Ronaldo is the most famous Portuguese product after port.

CR7 Most Famous Brand of Portugal Worth Over 100M Euros


CR7 Most Famous Brand of Portugal Worth Over 100M Euros

Ronaldo’s fashion label, including underwear, jeans, shoes and accessories, and other business ventures are included in CR7, and they bring a huge amount of wealth into the country. For the last six years, IPAM has been measuring Ronaldo’s brand’s economic value, and has estimated its worth at 102 M Euros internationally.

Amazingly, a lot of it comes from social media platforms. Sa compared him to the previous celebrities of the Portuguese teams, like Figo and Costa, and said that social media has mainly changed the goalposts, as a platform for unlimited promotion and incredible impact.

Ronaldo is followed by 275 million people on social media, which is more than the number of followers of any other sportsman, He has a whopping 121 million Likes on Facebook. It’s a record number that puts him ahead of even Shakira, the Colombian music diva.

He had an earning of 83 M Euros in 2016. It included sponsorship contracts worth 35 M Euros. Ronaldo thus appeared on the top of the Forbes’ list of highest-earning sports earners for the second time in a row. The player has reinvested a lot of this earnings into his homeland. He opened a museum in 2013 in Madeira, housing his trophies and awards, and over 250,000 fans have visited it.


But, according to Sa, the most noteworthy investment of Ronaldo was back in 2015: he put over half of a stake worth 75 M Euros in Pestana luxury hotel group, to begin his line of four CR7 branded hotels. Sa thinks that it is unusual for the small market of Portugal to see an investment of tens of millions of Euros into a hotel group that originates from Madeira. After all, it was an unknown name abroad till then.

This only goes on to show that Ronaldo has started preparing for his future, even though he wants to play for five more years. While speaking to AFP in 2015, Ronaldo mentioned how several soccer players reach the end of their careers without a clue as to what they want to do next; but for him, it is clear: he will be taking care of his brands.

He was once a part of Manchester United, the world’s most valuable club of Manchester United, according to Forbes. Miguel Plantier, the manager of the CR7 hotel of Lisbon, said that Ronaldo is a “global megaphone”. On the other hand, Leonor Costa, marketing manager of Pestana Group, said, that having grown up in Madeira which is a tourist island, Ronaldo is aware of the sector.

Ronaldo has become influential through a combo of on-field and off-field activities. He has helped Portugal win Euro 2016 in France, which turned out to be a blessing for a country like Portugal which was just coming out of a financial crisis. Madeira duly honoured the player by officially naming the airport after him. Sa says it was an intelligent

Sa says it was an intelligent move, and shows Ronaldo’s importance to the country. He is as big a star as Michael Jordan or David Beckham, and even after his soccer career comes to an end, he will continue to make contributions to his country.