Antoine Griezmann reveals he have great respect for Cristiano Ronaldo!

Antoine Griezmann reveals he have great respect for Cristiano Ronaldo!

The Madrid derby is one of the greatest diversions in world football and at the heart of it are two of the game’s finest competitors. All things considered, you’d be unable to contend that Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann are definitely not world-class.

Also, the couple has persevered through some essential conflicts in the most recent year alone. Be that as it may, Ronaldo dominated the competition over his French soldier in both the Champions League last and Euro 2016 peak.

Antoine Griezmann reveals he have great respect for Cristiano Ronaldo!


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It’s fine and dandy that they’re adversaries on the pitch, however. In any case, do the star stubbed combine have any relationship outside of the game? Amazingly, the answer is yes.

Truth be told, Griezmann and Ronaldo were once neighbors in Madrid. Which makes the range one each capable postcode.

Likewise, the Atletico Madrid star has revealed insight into what it resembled to survive the street from the three-time Ballon d’Or victor. Addressing L’Equipe, the 25-year-old uncovers he has awesome respect for Cristiano Ronaldo:



“Cristiano Ronaldo used to be my neighbor, and he passed my home each day.”

“We generally welcomed each other. Be that as it may, I moved house a year ago. I don’t live far away at this point. Yet, you don’t meet as frequently.”

“Be that as it may, we met this late spring in Miami. I was on vacation with my accomplice and we met Cristiano in an eatery. It was an immense incident. I went up to him to salute him for Portugal’s Euro 2016 win and Madrid’s Champions League triumph.”


It was now that the Frenchman additionally strived to clarify a fairly odd gossip doing the rounds.

“I fooled that I abhorred him since I was all the while enduring after the Euro 2016 last. In any case, I apparently don’t feel distinctively about him since he beat me in two noteworthy finals. What’s more, scored a cap trap at the end of the week. I have a ton of respect for Cristiano Ronaldo.”