Is the main problem of Real Madrid is Florentino Perez?

Is the main problem of Real Madrid is Florentino Perez?

From the most recent decade, it looks that the main problem of Real Madrid club is their own President. Monday evening saw Real Madrid president Florentino Perez take to the platform in the capital for a question and answer session. Eventually, this was to dissipate the gossipy tidbits that administrator Rafa Benitez was going to lose his job. Coming days after the Spanish monsters lost at home to furious adversaries Barcelona, the Madrid president announced the board was supporting Benitez and that he had aggregate control of the club – an announcement made after mumbles in the media that the director had not picked the beginning XI to face Barcelona.

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Perez has regularly enough been left disheartened by seeing their Catalan opponents take class title upon team title to the detriment of his adored Madrid and to incense the 68-year-old further, it has been finished with the sort of football that he longs for. Therefore, the team from the capital have endured under Perez’s impact. The arrangement of Benitez in the late spring after Carlo Ancelotti had been calmed of his obligations was welcomed with numerous cocked eyebrows. He was no one’s first decision, and maybe wasn’t the right man for the job, yet it had been said the President needed some person in control who will at last be a manikin for the progressive system. It seems that the manager in helpless in Madrid, main problem of Real Madrid is Perez,

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Perez’s second term started in 2009 with a Dutch mass migration. Players, for example, Rafael van der Vaart, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder and Ruud van Nistelrooy were losses of the giving back president’s most recent rule, as he trusted Barcelona were the team with the Dutch legacy and not Real. The spending without further ado took after, with Kaka, Karim Benzema, and Cristiano Ronaldo turning into the marquee signings to proclaim the second battle of Perez. Under his direction Madrid has been run more as a business than a football club, this was made clear through the marking of James Rodriguez, which accompanies its own particular side story.

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Perez’s riches starts from being the president of a structural building organization that had a prestigious contract at a Colombian airplane terminal and in this manner intensely impacted the choice to sign Rodriguez. It very nearly appears that the Madrid president doesn’t generally realize what he wants, between littering the squad with “Galacticos” and picking a director who isn’t known for his attacking and pizazz style football, Perez’s choices are harming Real more than making a difference. During his public interview when inquired as to why he just offers three-year contracts he said: “Managers get exhausted rapidly here” – it is getting to be completely clear why.